HQ4 Matrixx III 15.0 RTF

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Are you looking for a kite that offers versatility and high end performance? The Matrixx was developed to work well on all terrains. We have dug deep into our box of magic tricks and improved many details to give the performance of this kite a great boost. Do you want to learn new moves, enjoy lots of lift and redefine the meaning of hang-time? All of this is no problem with the Matrixx. We believe it should be simple to fly a wing. Easy handling and a direct feedback at the bar are essential. Only then can a pilot make real progress. For easy access to foil kiting, the Matrixx offers exactly what pilots are looking for. Stability and great feedback are important in a kite for a rider to gain firm footing on a foil board. The Matrixx delivers maximum upwind riding abilities and minimum lateral pull. We have spent countless hours on the water to optimize the kite for this trait to make your life easier. With light wind capabilities in mind, we've chosen the most lightweight, yet durable materials we could find. Our minimized cell count weighs less while still generating great power. 
Compared to its predecessor, the Matrixx delivers a massive performance boost. The kite provides pull significantly earlier, less reliant on apparent wind, as the new design and increased aspect ratio give the pilot more direct feedback. Pulling the bar back delivers dynamic lift. The Matrixx excels at boosting with extended hang-times. 
The shape of the kite has been entirely redesigned. An increased aspect ratio, more cells and repositioned air vents are crucial for the increase in performance of the new Matrixx. The redesigned vent system allows faster inflation and creates more stabilizing inner pressure. 
The main bridle of the Matrixx is made from extremely thin, low-stretch and tear-proof Dyneema lines that reduce air resistance to a minimum. The mixer system employs extremely durable Ronstan pulleys and pre-stretched Dyneema lines that require almost no maintenance, even after many hours of flying.
For the Matrixx sail we use extensively tested high-end sail cloth. The larger sized kites use extremely lightweight 20D ripstop to optimize for light wind flying conditions. The Matrixx 18m weighs only 3.5 kg, including the bar. The smaller sizes are made from our tried and tested 30D cloth. 
· extremely good low-end performance
· optimized for the use on foilboards (easy foiling)
· increased speed in turns and lift
· better feedback on the bar
· extremely easy to fly
· increased aspect ratio for a better performance

Technical details:
Span - 860 cm
Height - 190 cm
Sail - ripstop nylon 20D
Wind - 9 - 19 knots
Age - 16+
rec. Bar - Control Bar One 55cm
Color - Blue
AR - 4.93
Weight - 2.15 kg

ControlControl Bar
Ready 2 Fly (R2F)Yes
Line length24 Meter
Line strength300 Kp


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HQ4 Matrixx III 15.0 RTF

HQ4 Matrixx III 15.0 RTF

Matrixx III 15.0