HQ4 Rush Pro 300 RTF

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Do you expect a trainer kite to deliver power and speed? Then the Rush is the perfect kite for you. The robust cell structure is forgiving in crashes and the cleverly designed, minimalized bridle allows an easy relaunch with two lines. No matter the wind conditions, the smooth and stable characteristics of the Rush keep you in control. 
An integrated safety system provides for quick and safe access to the sport. Durability is also our goal - and that's why we accept no compromises in the manufacturing of the Rush. 
· extremely robust cross-bracing rib structure
· ready to fly
· minimized bridle
· good light wind capabilities
· easy control

Technical details:
Span - 300 cm
Height - 111 cm
Sail - Ripstop Polyester
Wind - 4 - 24 knots
Age - 16+
Received. Bar - Control Bar 50cm
Color - Green
AR - 3.3
Weight - 0.55 kg

ControlControl Bar
Ready 2 Fly (R2F)Yes
ModelRush Pro
Line length20 Meter
Line strength175 Kp


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HQ4 Rush Pro 300 RTF

HQ4 Rush Pro 300 RTF

Rush Pro 300